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Friday, October 9, 2009

It's My Blog & I'll Whine If I Want To*

So, once upon a time I said I would never tell a bad beat story again. EVAR.

That was a foolish promise. I play poker; of course I'm going to tell bad stories. Only a person of superhuman qualities and extraordinary virtue could play as much poker as I do and never tell a bad beat story. And neither descriptor applies to me.

On the other hand, I can keep the bad beat stories from cluttering up my main blog Raise or Fold. And, perhaps I can perform a public service to other seething poker players in the process.

*(And you can too.) If you have a sustained a particularly heinous bad beat, you are welcome to post a comment describing the hand in as great detail as possible. And by detail I mean:

  • Specify CASH GAME or TOURNAMENT (and tourney stage, if relevant)



  • YOUR POSITION and that of VILLAIN(S)



  • ACTION in the hand (if you wish to include a hand history, USE A CONVERTER [to HTML] please) ~ not a replayer ~ so it is easily legible)

If I deem your tale of woe worthy, I will promote it to a full post entry. The only catch is that it will then be fair game for commentary from my sharp-tongued readers, who will analyze the hand to within an inch of its life and tell you exactly what you did wrong to deserve the beat you horrible donkey, you.

If that possibility does not discourage you, share away!

I may also link to particularly atrocious beats when I come across them on the interwebs. Feel free to share such links in the comments as well.



Blogger matt tag said...

I love it - can you make me an admin?

October 9, 2009 9:46 PM  
Blogger StrangeFish said...

Hey - Not sure how you want these posted but I put my personal bad beat at my blog:

- Chris

October 12, 2009 8:06 PM  
Blogger Willrr said...

Posting because this somewhat cruel three outer occured today when I discovered this new aspect of your blog:
$1100 Second Chance tournament here at the LAPT Costa Rica:
We're in the 5th level (150/300/0), playing 8 handed and stacks are fairly deep. The tournament began with approximately 110 players and there are about 70 left at this point.
The villain in this hand is in the hijack with appx T28,000 and I'm in the CO with T29,500.
The villain is an uber-laggy guy in his mid 20s from Guatamala, he's been opening roughly 40% of pots from anywhere from 2-5x and isn't playing that well postflop, he has however gotten several people to stack off to him in cooler situations preflop and has amassed a large stack which has somewhat compounded his lagginess.

Folds to villain in hijack, and he agressively throws in a raise to T775 as he has been doing a lot, the button has already uncapped his cards as he has consistently done when he plans to fold and the small blind who is a thinking player has probably noticed I'm playing somewhat nitty and is unlikely to cold 4bet light, I elect to 3 bet to 2125 with the J and 9 of clubs.
Action folds back to the hijack who quickly calls.
Flop: 9h 7s 6c (4475)
Villain checks to me and I check back for pot control.
Turn: 9h 7s 6c 9s
Villain checks again, I bet 3150 and the villain without much hesitation raises to 9000. I feel that he is doing this with a somewhat wide range inaccurately perceiving my flop check as very weak however I feel like he might fold a lot of hands he's attacking with in this spot to a turn jam which he may barrel again on the river.
River (T22,075): 9h 7s 6c 9s 4h
The villain snap barrells for apx. 17k, having decided that I was calling any river jam I snap call and I am dismayed to hear him announce, "I have full house", I sadly wait for him to turn over the set or two pair that I didn't expect only to see him roll over the 9 and 4 of clubs for the rivered boat.
In shock and dismay I jam my few remaining chips the next hand with the AcJc and quickly am out the door when the isolating AdQd flops 3d7d6d. I walk off onto the playa and into the costa rican sunset wondering what might have been.

November 22, 2009 4:47 AM  

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