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Friday, October 9, 2009

It's My Blog & I'll Whine If I Want To*

So, once upon a time I said I would never tell a bad beat story again. EVAR.

That was a foolish promise. I play poker; of course I'm going to tell bad stories. Only a person of superhuman qualities and extraordinary virtue could play as much poker as I do and never tell a bad beat story. And neither descriptor applies to me.

On the other hand, I can keep the bad beat stories from cluttering up my main blog Raise or Fold. And, perhaps I can perform a public service to other seething poker players in the process.

*(And you can too.) If you have a sustained a particularly heinous bad beat, you are welcome to post a comment describing the hand in as great detail as possible. And by detail I mean:

  • Specify CASH GAME or TOURNAMENT (and tourney stage, if relevant)



  • YOUR POSITION and that of VILLAIN(S)



  • ACTION in the hand (if you wish to include a hand history, USE A CONVERTER [to HTML] please) ~ not a replayer ~ so it is easily legible)

If I deem your tale of woe worthy, I will promote it to a full post entry. The only catch is that it will then be fair game for commentary from my sharp-tongued readers, who will analyze the hand to within an inch of its life and tell you exactly what you did wrong to deserve the beat you horrible donkey, you.

If that possibility does not discourage you, share away!

I may also link to particularly atrocious beats when I come across them on the interwebs. Feel free to share such links in the comments as well.