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Monday, October 12, 2009

Our First 1-Outer: Nice Hand, Sir, Well Played!

This charming hand from Hell comes to us courtesy of Stochastically Suited's StrangeFish. I quote from his post:

Background - my local cash game. $200 - $500 buy in NL Hold'em with $5/$5 blinds. Full ring. I'm in BB with $1,200. There are lots of limpers (six?) and I check with an off suit Ad10c. Flop comes 10h 10d 7s. SB checks and I lead for the pot (my game involves extracting value with made hands - no need to be tricky here as any number of hands call) two callers, including the button. Turn is the 7d. I figure at this stage the best I can hope for is a chop, but anyone with one seven is going to call me down so let's find out. I bet 2/3rds of the pot. One fold and button min raises me. Ok, I'm behind to 77, tied with the other 10 and miles in front of one 7 so let's find out - I push. He snap calls and when the 8 of diamonds comes on the river tables the 6d9d for a runner, runner straight flush.

So, I offer this as my personal [best? worst? ~ ed.] bad beat as it involved two of the worst calls ever. He called the flop with a pair on the board larger than his hand and holding only a gutshot straight draw. I actually don't mind the min raise on the turn but then he calls off his entire stack with a turned non-nut flush draw while facing a double paired board. Anyway - Nice hand sir, well played.

StrangeFish also notes that truly horrendous bad beats are not just about the cruel and statistically improbable way the cards fall, but about the spectacularly awful manner in which a Villain played them. This tale certainly ranks high by both measures, and sets a daunting standard for future tales of woe.

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